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Asset Tracing

When assets have been misappropriated, stolen or hidden for any number of reasons, CGI has the experience and skills to locate the assets and lawfully repatriate them.


Using a number of legal avenues and proprietary sources, CGI specializes in identifying the current whereabouts of assets and the mechanisms used to conceal them, as well as aiding clients in efforts to recover them.

Offshore Assets

With respect to corporate assets hidden offshore, CGI has access to a global network of trusted and reliable sources that can identify the jurisdiction and law firm or offshore formation company that formed the company and the identity of nominee director(s) or owners and beneficial owners. One extremely affective asset tracing mechanism is pairing the powers of investigation with law.

Utilizing Legal Strategy in Investigations

As an attorney, CGI President Robert Seiden is an expert in utilizing legal strategy to guide complex, multijurisdictional asset searches.

Some methods of utilizing the courts to drive asset tracing include:

  • Identifying relevant banking institutions to subpoena for records

  • Identifying pertinent witnesses to interview for human intelligence

  • Utilizing court-appointed receivers over individuals and entities that are uncooperative with the courts.

Court-Appointed Receiverships

Robert has been appointed as a court-appointed receiver over numerous companies that have failed to cooperate with U.S. shareholders and have absconded assets overseas.

As Court-Appointed Receiver, Robert can then act on behalf of the company or individual to obtain records from banks and other institutions that can lead to the uncovering of hidden assets.


Although not a new concept, CGI has employed this tactic in novel ways, especially with complex foreign cases. Unlike other court-appointed receivers, Robert's tenacity and no-holds-barred approach has been proven time and again to get results and provide additional intelligence for the CGI team to leverage into investigative success.

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