Patrick Scutero is a forensic accountant who specializes in the area of white collar and financial crimes investigations. Pat also has extensive experience with anti-money laundering and location and recovery of assets and tracing the flow of funds.  Pat served for twenty-eight years with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), both as a civil auditor and as a criminal investigator with the Criminal Investigations Division (“CID”).

During his career in the IRS, Pat handled and directed numerous civil income tax audits of hundreds of individuals, small closely held corporations, large public corporations and multi-national corporations.  Pat was also a member of a select group of agents who investigated individuals involved in drug related crimes for income tax violations.  During his career as a Special Agent for the IRS Criminal Investigation Division, he was involved in hundreds of investigations that led to indictments and convictions under various Title 18 statutes.  Pat conducted financial investigations involving allegations of criminal income tax fraud and other financial crimes, specifically in the banking, trust and securities areas by prominent businessmen and corporate entities.

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