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CGI’s state of the art forensic laboratories can handle even the most difficult computer forensic problem. Our computer forensic technicians, many retired from law enforcement computer crimes units, are capable of examining IT systems and hard drives in any location in the world.

CGI’s technicians can lawfully conduct mirror imaging or “cloning” of hard drives on desk tops, PC’s and PDA’s on-site.  Once the hard drive has been duplicated, sophisticated software is used to analyze the data using client specified “keywords”. CGI’s computer forensics technicians also determine whether files have been deleted, tampered with, altered, damaged or otherwise removed. We can uncover password-protected or encrypted files and locate hidden data on hard drives, even if deleted or destroyed using software.

Our technicians have years of experience presenting and testifying about computer forensics findings as evidence in courts and other tribunals. We can conduct the required computer forensic work at any time of day or night so as to keep the operations covert and non-disruptive to the work environment.

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CGI is Licensed by the New York Department of State, Division of Licensing Services.