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CGI’s Background Intelligence reports provide clients with cost effective and comprehensive background reports on corporate entities and individuals living, working or operating in any country in the world. We gather information from proprietary and public databases and secure documents and records from courthouses and other government offices in the US or abroad. We filter through and analyze all available data to identify the most solid leads and useful information to the client.

Field investigations, interviews, and/or lawful social engineering methods are then employed to enhance, further probe or corroborate investigative findings.

Background Intelligence may include:


Address History Including Former and Prior Residential and Employment Addresses   |   Criminal Record

Current Contact Information   |   Financial History   |   Education   |   Employment History   |   Civil Litigation

Bankruptcies   |   Liens and Judgments   |   Corporate and Business Affiliations   |   Adverse Media

Professional Licenses and Certifications   |   Vehicle Information   |   Real Property

Watchlists   |   Regulatory Sanctions (industry-specific)


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