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When assets have been misappropriated, stolen or hidden for any number of reasons, CGI has the experience and skills to locate the assets and lawfully repatriate them. CGI accomplishes this by using a number of legal avenues and proprietary sources to identify the current whereabouts of assets and the mechanisms used to conceal them. With respect to corporate assets hidden offshore, CGI has access to a global network of trusted and reliable sources that can identify the jurisdiction and law firm or offshore formation company that formed the company and the identity of nominee director(s) or owners and beneficial owners. One extremely affective asset tracing mechanism is the receivership method. Although not a new concept, CGI has employed this tactic in novel ways, especially with complex foreign cases.

Robert Seiden has been a Court-Appointed Receiver in the United States on various matters in several jurisdictions. CGI has worked with Robert on Receivership matters to identify assets in the US and globally, value assets, sell assets and work with lawyers, liquidators, accountants and other professionals to ensure compliance with court rulings, act as an independent fiduciary, conduct forensic accounting, computer forensics, liquidate assets and monitor activities of businesses and disputes.

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